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Because stuff usually ain’t quite where it’s spose’d to be…you just gotta scan before you dig.

Chaytor Locate are underground Service Locate & Cable Location Services specialists who are committed to ensuring that the critical part of knowing what is going on sub surface is taken care of. In other words, we find it, so you don’t.

Locating has become a service that contributes to mitigating harm should underground utilities be damaged. Our experienced team can assist with locations ranging from residential customers to large-scale companies that require extensive investigations.

Chaytor Locate have beforeUdig and Accurate certified locators so you can trust our expertise. For more info on how this benefits you, visit and

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Ensuring safety and efficiency means taking proactive steps before diving (or digging) in. It’s common sense to priortise safety of your team, but there’s more to scanning for power and services than just that.

Encountering unforeseen underground obstacles can lead to costly delays, budget overruns, and frustration for everyone involved – from your crew to your clients. Neglecting to scan beforehand not only risks your reputation but also disrupts the flow of work and damages client relationships.

By conducting thorough scans before any excavation or construction project, you mitigate these risks and demonstrate professionalism. At Chaytor Locate, we specialize in swift and cost-effective scanning and mapping services, ensuring that you’re prepared for whatever lies beneath the surface.

In the end, it’s about playing it safe and playing it smart.

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We get you are excited for your new home extension, deck, fence, pool or landscaping but before you dig be sure to get in touch to ensure you don’t start the project off with an unexpected surprise!


We understand that having that extra bit of land is often tempting to tinker away at so be sure to engage us before you dig. In semi-rural and in orchard settings, infrastructure and underground utilities may not be as readily visible so don’t hesitate to engage with us to save you some time (and dollars) down the track.

Chaytor Locate can help find:

  • Buried Power Cables
  • Buried Gas Lines
  • Buried Water Mains
  • Buried Fibre Optic Lines
  • Sewer Pipes & Connections
  • Stormwater Pipes & Connections
  • Rural utility services


Chaytor Locate uses a blend of two locating methods.

Electromagnetic Locating (EML) is a technique employed for pinpointing sub surface pipes, cables and other conductive infrastructure. This method entails the activation of underground utilities using low-frequency electromagnetic pulses.

EML is recognised as the most precise approach to identifying utilities because it directly interacts with the conductive materials, delivering an exact and reliable indication of the whereabouts.

Ground penetrating radar (GPR) can detect in a variety of ground including rock, soil, ice, fresh water, concrete, wood, anything non-metallic. GPR detection targets plastics, pipes, concrete, wood and some fibre optic cables.

A radar unit emits electromagnetic pulsed waves into the ground, records the echoes, and builds and image from those echoes.

If the above seems a bit overwhelming be rest assured our highly skilled locators have the full comprehensive training and field experience under their belt and are ready when you are! Don’t shy away from giving the office a call either with any further questions you may have. Locating is our expertise & education around how important this service is, is always our aim!

What We Can Locate

We’ll locate everything in your work area from metals and plastic to concrete, fibre and geological features.

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