cedar batten fence

Timber Batten Face Fixed Gates

Timber Batten Face Fixed Gates

  • cedar timber batten gate

    cedar timber batten gate

Crafted with precision, the face fixed batten design not only adds a touch of architectural elegance but also provides a clean, minimalist look that complements various architectural styles. The aluminium frame, known for its durability and corrosion resistance, forms a robust foundation, ensuring that your property remains secure without compromising on style.

What makes this gate truly stand out is its practical yet playful approach to design. The face fixed battens offer a sleek and seamless appearance, while the aluminium frame provides a strong and reliable structure. This gate doesn’t just protect; it captivates with its customizable features. Choose from a range of finishes and colours to match your properties unique aesthetic, turning your entrance into a focal point that exudes both security and modern charm.

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