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The Top Reasons You Should Have a Fence Around Your Home

The Top Reasons You Should Have a Fence Around Your Home

Fences are popular in the Waikato, found at many residential houses in Hamilton and Taupo as well as plenty of rural properties across the region. And for good reason, too – from safety to aesthetics, privacy to peace, the benefits of fencing in your yard are never-ending. Here are our top five reasons to put a fence up around your home.


Installing a fence is one of the best ways to keep your family and your assets protected. Having a custom fence will deter intruders as it makes a burglary far more complicated and difficult, especially when your fence is complimented by a sturdy and secure gate. Whether you’re home or away, the presence of a gate adds an extra layer of safety.


A fence doesn’t just stop unwanted visitors, it also helps protect young children and household pets from wandering out onto the road. With fencing around your property, you can have peace of mind while children are playing in the front yard, knowing the fence is acting as a barrier between them and any traffic going past.


Adding a fence around your property will give you a new sense of privacy, extending the area around your house that you feel you can make the most of. You’ll be able to let dinner party guests spill out onto the front yard, enjoy watching the sunset from the best vantage point, or simply get the gardening done, undisturbed.

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Keep the peace

Rural properties in the Waikato can be sprawling and disputes may arise over where exactly your boundary line sits. Sorting this disagreement out can be challenging and even costly if you have to get a surveyor involved – by marking the boundary with a fence, you’ll prevent future arguments.

Fences can keep the peace between residential neighbours too. They can prevent quarrels over who mows which piece of lawn and stop wandering weeds from ruining your grass. They can keep pets on the right side of the fence and reduce the sound of noisy neighbours or loud cars passing by.

Improve your home’s value

Well-built fences are attractive and safe, they reduce neighbourly disputes and create a tidy barrier around your home and marking your boundary in an obvious way. Put all of these benefits together and it’s no surprise that they can also increase the value of your home. Installing a quality fence is a worthy investment that will pay off when it comes time to sell.

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