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Protect Your Greatest Assets With Quality Security Fencing

Protect Your Greatest Assets With Quality Security Fencing

Keeping people safe is at the heart of what the team at Chaytor Waikato do with our fencing and gate solutions. This is most crucial when thinking about our young people. Our security fencing for schools and sports grounds, and our pool fencing options, are designed to meet all regulations and to go above and beyond in protecting our people.

Stay Cool Until After School

Sending a child off to school is an exercise in trust – that the school will meet their educational and social needs, and ultimately that they will be safe there. Here in the Greater Waikato region, Hamilton, and Taupō, we are fortunate that our children enjoy a wide range of excellent educational opportunities and extracurricular activities.

Chaytor Waikato has installed security fencing for a number of local schools, including Papamoa College and Pongakawa School. We understand that keeping the right people on the right side of the fence, and the wrong people out, is all down to fence design, manufacture, installation, durability and maintenance.

Good Sports

Participating in organised sport is a precious part of growing up in New Zealand, with a wide variety of options available to our young people. Taking care of sporting assets such as fields, courts, spectator stands, equipment, and storage facilities starts with a secure perimeter.

Chaytor Waikato ensures expensive investments are protected from unwanted interference or theft with our steel security fencing solutions. And when those fields and courts are being used and enjoyed by players, our fencing and gates can help you control who has access to the field of play.

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Just Add Water

Protecting kids at the pool is about keeping them out until you can be there to supervise them. NZ safety regulations around this are necessarily strict, and Chaytor Waikato have nearly 50 years of experience keeping pools off-limits until the adults give the all-clear.

We can advise on fence height, materials and fixings to suit any site, from an overlooked backfield to the entire school footprint. From classic steel security fencing to the stylish Sentry Panel product, Chaytor Waikato offers a broad range of options.

If you have questions about how we can help keep kids safe at school, sports, or the pool, give us a call at Chaytor Waikato today.

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